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A property becomes a bank-owned home when the lender has foreclosed on the previous owner.

HUD Homes

HUD homes are FHA backed insured loans that resulted in foreclosure.

VA Homes

A VA home is a secured loan by the Department of Veteran Affairs that was foreclosed on.

Short Sales

A short sale is when the lien holder settles on a loan for "short" than the balance owed.

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Distressed properties are in demand.  We understand that you need an edge over investors. This is why we offer Foreclosure Alerts.

With listing alerts, you will know when a new listing hits the market before most real estate agents.

The e-mails will contain listings complete with pictures, property details and maps.

What is a Foreclosure?

A foreclosure is the legal process that allows the lender to recover and sell a property after the owner has defaulted on the loan.

New Mexico bank-owned properties can be a great bargain for home buyers. They can offer below market pricing and lucrative incentives, from closing cost assistance to fresh paint and brand new carpet.

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